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Karlos’ work is innovative and captures every important nuance about my brand. Through his audit and creating my brand guidelines he deeply understood what I was creating in my business and consistently surprises me with applying this in his work. My brand is now professional, sleek, and fun! I am grateful for him. He has a client for life!
— Carson Cooper- owner at Carson Cooper Consulting, Life on Fire Lead Coach
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I ended up hiring Karlos and the process he took me through with his Branding Package was extremely thorough. Karlos really took the time, not only to listen to me and understand my needs at each step of the process. He’s very responsive, collaborative, and full of energy and passion for his craft. The end result was a set of deliverables that I feel truly reflect me and my brand. I just received my files and I am super-excited to put everything into place!
— Tracey Minutolo - Owner At Side Hustle Success Lab

When I was starting a new business, I turned to Karlos to bring my vision to life. Initially, I assumed I would just get a logo, but what I got was much more. Karlos gave a face to my brand in a way I didn’t know was possible. What most impressed me about Karlos is how personable he was during every conversation. He also had a powerful balance of patiently honoring all my requests and still moving our work along in a timely manner. I am so grateful for Karlos and 110% recommend him to those looking for a true expert. Thank you, Karlos, for making this such a positive experience! Namasgay
— Frank Macri- owner at Namasgay
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Here is one thing I will promise you - It won’t take you long to figure out that Karlos is a GENIUS when it comes to business consulting and branding. He is CONGRUENT with everything he says, what he does and how he portrays himself as professional and as a person of integrity.

I wish I started out years ago working with Karlos because it would have saved me so much time in figuring out my brand identity and how I want to position myself in my business.

With Karlos’ guidance, he has layed that groundwork for my 6-figure business and future 7-figure businesses and beyond. He has provided me with an example of what it means to be congruent in my message and business that will position me as an expert in my field.

Work with Karlos and you WILL LOVE it. Thank you again!
— Nikko Navarro- owner at Vizion Fire

Karlos is on point, honest and keeps it real. His branding, marketing and social media recommendations are spot on with what I need to take my business to the next level. He really took the time to get to know my intentions & the purpose of my company. He tailored our time to the specifics of my needs and who I am and where I am trying to guide my brand. He is beyond experienced and knowledgeable in his field and I would absolutley trust his guildence with my networking and social media content. Thank you, Karlos!
— Sarah Lemke
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What are you waiting for? It’s time to get your vision ready and know what you’re all about because Accel Branding is about to reflect your best aspects for the world to experience... Karlos has the uncanny ability to look, listen and perceive deep into the soul if your business and reflect the most attractive and compelling facets of all that you and your business has to offer.. Karlos has a welcoming way about him that compelled me to open up and reveal the sacred aspects of who I am, what my business has to offer. His coaching style is supportive and challenging in a compelling way. I’m already excited about the big reveal, and I’m just getting started! His work is much much more than logos and brands, it’s about reflecting your greatness through how you do business! Thanks, Karlos, for taking me on!
— Raymond Michael Corral- Owner at OptimaLife

I Learned more in a short session with karlos than I have picked up in all my years running different businesses. A true pro in his field.
— Mike Melvin- Managing Director at Textpert

Karlos of Accel Branding was really helpful in getting me to think about my potential brand. I am that very beginning stages of the development of my organization and what Karlos was able to provide me was a step by step guide and process of forging the uniqueness of my brand and what to start thinking about in terms of what possible name choices would mean. He’s opened my mind about what my story and mission was born out of. He made me feel confident with my idea and comfortable with his ‘no pressure’ consultation. His professionalism has enabled me to do some work of my own so that in turn he will be able to visually create my ideas. Thanks Karlos!
— Yves Saint Dimanche- owner at Evolving Veteran

Karlos is truly an expert in his field. A man of integrity, class, purpose, and values. I had the opportunity to connect with him about my next project. It was so much fun!! The advice and tips he gave me were authentic and with heart. He gave me a wealth of knowledge. It made an impact on my life both personally and professionally. I highly recommend you connect with him for your branding identity because he stands out from the rest and cares.
— Christina Littlejohn- Founder/President at Inspired Networking

I’m impressed with Karlos and Accel Branding. Karlos’ attitude and energy is positive and the teams overall work is excellent. The high-level of branding expertise brings your brand to life, commanding a respected and memorable stance.
We came to Karlos to help create a banner for our brand and he blew our mind across the board by surprising and delighting. He created 2 FULL concepts of invigorating marketing materials. Both concepts sparked feelings of trust and reflected premium value for our brand.
— Danielle Desiree Gomez - Owner at Serious Take Productions

Wow! If you care about your business and want to take it to the next level, Karlos is the one person you need to speak with. His passion and energy radiates from the way he speaks and his knowledge on the importance of branding is second to none.
— Joe Fettig - Owner at Social Media Marketing Agency

I didn’t really know what to expect when I signed up for the Brand Acceleration Platform, and what I received from Karlos was mind-blowing. I loved the exercises, how thorough he is, and our call sessions. Karlos really knows his stuff from his years of experience and was impressed by his portfolio right away. He provides quality and has a great balance of talent in branding, marketing, copywriting, and design. He goes beneath the surface and finds what’s most important, then turns it into a comprehensive report of great value. His passion for what he does is felt in his great efforts that go above and beyond, which have resulted in me having clarity for my personal brand and knowing my brand’s direction. He educated me in the importance of branding and how to use it for my brand’s success, while inspiring me even further with the possibilities I hadn’t even thought of. Therefore, I’m so happy I had the Platform done to guide me for the path of my business and stand out in my field. Highly recommended.
— Tania Kelvin - Creativity Coach, Artist/Designer
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Karlos Copara is a creative, articulate, inspired and forward-thinking professional. His attention to detail permeates every project. He also demonstrates tenacity and purpose when dealing with challenges and adversity. If you are looking for an individual who doesn’t cut corners, won’t settle for mediocrity, or isn’t afraid of challenges - then Karlos is the person you need on your team.
— David Penrose - Author, Consultant, Coach, Educator at One Minute Professor

One look at Karlos’ prior work and I won’t need to tell you that he has a very high end eye for artistic excellence in photography and graphic design. What I will tell you is that he also has a true focus on serving others. When you hire him for his work, his great personality comes with it. Amazing talent and a great guy!
— Dennis Nurmela - CEO & Founder at Young Entrepreneur Success
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The only thing that can compete with Karlos’ dedication to his craft is his passion for life and knowledge. It was a pleasure working with Karlos and watching him strive for excellence in everything he approached. No matter the project he always gave it his all. I cannot recommend him more highly as a designer and a team player.
— Grahm Trussler - Director of Packaging and Design at Label Tex Mills
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Karlos is an exceptionally knowledgeable and authentic human being! He has given me valuable insight on branding and how I can apply it to my own business. I’ll refer him to anyone looking for a branding person any day!
— Andrew Suba - Owner Social Nectar Marketing

Karlos brings an impressive energy and enthusiasm to the numerous creative projects I have worked with him on. He has a real sense of professionalism while always incorporating a progressive, fresh perspective to his work in brand building. I am very pleased with his direction on the portraiture work he completed for my business.
— Maia H. Anderson - Director of Marketing at Voluspa

Working with Karlos was 2nd to none!  I’ve never been one to be confident in front of the camera. Karlos not only made me feel beautiful and empowered, but I genuinely felt the confidence building up and it has STAYED. He’s professional and super fun! Most importantly; his incomparable level of creativity, vision, and delivery are IMPECCABLE. I will definitely continue to work with Karlos any opportunity I get. His style is unlike any other. He really knows how to make you and your business work, without it feeling like work! Thanks to Karlos I feel so much more prepared to put myself out there. I am prepared to launch!
— Cristina Valdez - Owner & Founder at Cece Le Creme
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I typically avoid giving referrals and recommendations as few people seem to actually do what they say they will and do it well.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Karlos with absolute confidence—he has an all-too-rare, overwhelming passion to exceed expectations and be the absolute best in his industry.
— Travis Haining - Senior Vice President at Lee & Associates
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Have you ever met someone who makes you want to ask, “WHY did we not meet earlier in my business life?”  This is what I think about Karlos.  The knowledge, passion, and skill Karlos demonstrates is hands down impressive.  His essence is absolutely congruent with the work he produces.  The dedication to his craft is shown from Karlos’ patience to answer any question ‘you’ may have to always going above and beyond to ensure ‘your’ success.  With his years of industry knowledge, Karlos has helped my business propel forward in a very impactful way and for that I will always be grateful.
— Lili Serrano - Lili Serrano Principal Consultant at Sales Made Simpler