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Brand Camp™


So what is Brand Camp™?


Brand Camp™ is a 3-day, 2-night brand building intensive immersed in nature!

Join us as we define your brand blue print that will take your life and business journey to new heights.  Experience a powerfully collaborative outdoors event in a campground setting among like-minded entrepreneurs that appreciate nature, community, and value the creation of a purpose driven business.  You'll be defining the foundation that many businesses often ignore when first planning out their the brand development.  With our unique and enlightening BrandCore™ Acceleration system, prepare to set your business apart and align yourself with a unique brand that you love and are proud to share with the world. 


Build the Platform to Accelerate

Free from modern life distractions we will discover, share, and participate in a series of collaborative exercises and peer-to-peer discussions designed to help you document your strategic brand development. The BrandCore™ Acceleration platform we create together will serve as a compass and reference point for all your future branding and communications. This platform will ignite your brand launch or recharge your existing brand by becoming the framework that defines what your brand stands for and how it communicates your organization’s identity, verbal messaging, and visual presentation.


What you will learn at Brand Camp™:

✔ The 7 core elements of a successful brand
✔ How to own and command a premium market position
✔ A smarter formula for a more efficient sales process
✔ How to increase customer loyalty
✔ The art of standing out amongst competitors
✔ How to be associated with experience, reliability, and value
✔ Leverage creativity and create a magnetic visual identity
✔ How to craft a unique brand personality and distinct voice
✔ How to recharge and re-connect with nature to find more clarity


Who is Brand Camp™ for?

✔ Service based entrepreneurs and professional coaches

✔ Established or expanding businesses

✔ Ambitious, positive leaders and experts

✔ Entrepreneurs seeking to elevate their business game

✔ Entrepreneurs ready to break out of industry molds

✔Entrepreneurs that need to clarify
their brand and gain momentum

✔Anyone who wants to disconnect from daily business chaos

✔ Visionary leaders with a track record of blazing new paths

✔ Purposeful entrepreneurs that value health, nature and freedom 


Who is Brand Camp™  NOT for?

✘ Entrepreneurs seeking quick/ easy methods

✘ Businesses with more than 3 owners/partners

✘ MLM businesses or Tech startups

✘ Entrepreneurs that prefer a "me-too" brand and not interested in defying convention

✘ Business owners not open to feedback and growing

✘ Entrepreneurs that don’t value expert level strategy and design

✘ Anyone not comfortable working in a positive collaborative environment

✘ Those not comfortable connecting to nature and unplugging from technology


What makes Brand Camp™ fun and unique?


Campfire Mastermind

Get fired up feedback from other entrepreneurs and exchange breakthrough discussions and insights to support your vision and new business direction. We encourage fun and open collaborations.


Adventurous Community

Meet and grow alongside other like-minded entrepreneurs who value healthy, active lifestyles. Prepare for a learning and growth adventure that will take your business to new heights!


Morning Clarity Meditation

Start your day with nature inspired clarity. A guided a.m. meditation will inspire, energize, and prepare you for the natural clarity that lies ahead. 


Quality over Quantity

We believe that in order to accelerate your brand, you need one-on-one instruction with our master brander (and you get this for 3 days!).  You'll find peer-to-peer support and additional guidance with our collaborative approach.


Your Brand Master trainer / Karlos Copara

Karlos Copara is a master brander, design expert and creative fireball specializing in Brand Strategy and building Brand Identities. With over a decade of brand building experience, Karlos has consulted and designed for successful brands ranging from solopreneurs to fortune 500 companies. His career and talent has allowed him to be featured in Telemundo, Los Angeles times, and Orange County design collectives. He's spoken and presented to Universities such as California Institute of Technology, Oregon State University, Chapman University and his creative work can be found in various retail giants world wide. Karlos continues supporting the creative and strategic expansion of todays leading Iconic brands and emerging entrepreneur businesses.


WARNING Brand Camp™ Side Effects:

✔ Elevated confidence in your brand and it's future
✔ Increased clarity to launch or ignite your brand
✔ More passion for your purpose-driven business
✔ Increased business revenue
✔ More customers coming to you
✔ More brain power from increased oxygen levels
✔ Increased happiness with less stress and anxiety
✔ New friendships and connections


Naturally you may have some questions... Here are some answers to common FAQs:


+ What do I need to bring to the event?

Bring an open mind, snacks, warm clothes/ jacket, sleeping bag and pillow, and toiletries. We can provide you with a tent, sleeping pad, and camping chair if needed, please let us know.

+ Will I get a logo/designs at the end of Brand Camp™?

After completion of Brand Camp™, you will have extreme clarity on your brand, and will walk away with a verbal and visual brand action plan. You will be 100% prepared to begin expressing your visuals/designs with substance and meaning. Your logo is the entry point into your business but it certainly is not your brand entirely and we will explore further into a more effective method to build an iconic brand.

+ What about restrooms and shower?

Not to worry glampers! There are free hot showers, clean restrooms and flushing toilets throughout the campground.

+ What's the investment to attend Brand Camp™?

Due to the limited availability and our unique brand building process we want to make sure this is a good fit for everyone. If you're comfortable being outdoors and serious about accelerating your brand we'll review your application and discuss the right pricing structure for you. You have nothing to lose since we offer a full money-back guarantee if you're not thrilled with your experience and brand clarity from Brand Camp™

+ Is this another "learn about branding" event?

Nope! We'll outline the components and foundations of high-level branding, but expect to dive straight into building your brand, formulating a winning strategy, and documenting everything into your workbook. Our 7 step brand building process will guide you as we explore your business landscape, options, uniqueness and opportunities to set you apart.

+ I have a business partner, can he/she join?

If you are working on the same brand and equally invested into the expansion or development, then for sure 100%! (small additional fee will apply)

+ What are we doing for daily meals?

We got you covered for lunch and dinner. Bring your own healthy snacks, superfoods and favorite breakfast goodies. There are grocery stores/markets nearby just in case. There will be plenty of H20 and coffee in the morning to fuel up for the day. We will send out the menu in advance and can accommodate special dietary needs.



What exactly is the branding process that we will go through at Brand Camp™?


Here's the 7 BrandCore elements breakdown:

1. Branding 101/ Business Acceleration
A brief journey into the foundation powering successful Entrepreneurs and business owners.
2. BrandCore Personality
Build the personality and attitude of your brand that will attract true fans and build loyalty.

3. BrandCore Solutions
Crystalize the value propositions that drive your products/services and communications.  

4. Positioning your brand to win
Learn how to differentiate your business and take ownership of your brand and how it is remembered.

5. Brand Creative
Identify the language and visual inspiration that will drive the creative style and spirit of your brand.

6. BrandCore Acceleration Platform
Synthesize a blueprint from elements 1-5 above that will guide, inform, and develop your identity, messaging, and visual presentation. This is like a compass for your brand success!

7. BrandCamp™ Pledge
Craft a specific plan outlining the short and long term actions needed to develop and take your brand to new heights. 


Are you ready to build a stronger, clearer more impactful brand?

 Brand Camp™ is here with the framework, community, and process to get you there. No matter where you're at right now or where your brand is going, our system will make the journey clearer. 


Let's forge your new path together!

Due to the intensive process, outdoor setting, and limited campfire seats we recommend applying soon!


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